MR-11 Braiders


The MR-11 PLCT-F Braidmatic is today’s most advanced means for producing quality braidmatic structures.

The revolutionary concept of the braider features:

  • Increased package capacity
  • Improved braid quality through patented strand control
  • One carrier for both yarn and wire
  • High speed
  • Low operating cost
  • Sound level-85 dBA (with complete enclosure and in an environment with a maximum 75dBA ambient noise level)
  • Automatic lubrication

TRANSFER PRINCIPLE. The MR-11 PLCT-F Braider is a special variation of Maypole Braiders.  As with all Maypole decks the rotors are arranged in an endless circle.

 The rotors consist of four pairs of pockets at 90° to one another, and the rotors are in timed relation to one another in that each drives the other by a rotor gear: thus, when one turns clockwise, its neighbor turns counterclockwise.

The rotors are intended to
simultaneously propel one-half the number of shuttles in one direction, and the others in the opposite direction. Their respective sinusoidal paths cause the shuttles to pass one another. Each shuttle is equipped with a carrier to provide strand storage and let-off means. The strands from each are braided together to form a structure by the fact that the shuttles were “passed by” in 2 over 2 under plait formation.
The braider performs these complex motions efficiently and effortlessly at industry leading productivity and quality levels at speeds reaching 225 RPM.



Visit the individual model pages for machine specific operating parameters.



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