MR-11 36 Carrier Braider


Specification of Deck36 Carrier
Length1016 mm (36 inch)
Width2166 mm (85 inch)
Height2858 mm (113 inch)
Weight5000 kg (11000 lbs.)
Centerline1575 mm (62 inch)
Incl. bobbins, carrier and
20 lbs. of wire per bobbin
Package Size Wire SLOW1600 cu. cm (98 cu. inch)
Weight SLOW (Material)9.1 kg (20 lbs.)
Package Size Yarn SLOY3800 cu. cm (233 cu. inch)
Weight SLOY (Material)2.15 kg (4.75 lbs.)
Super Pack Yarn4900 cu. cm (300 cu. inch)
Weight Super Pack (Material)4.5 kg (10 lbs.)
Carrier Tension22.2 N-133.4 N (5-30 lbs.)
Steel Rod
Reinforcement Concrete
min. 250 mm (10 inch)
ELECTRICAL230/460 Volt 60/50Hz +/- 10%
Note: The MR-11 is built in the metric system
Electric-Electronic approved CE-Sign regulation
SINGLE DECK2686/2616/3417 mm
106/103/137 inch
DOUBLE DECK4976/2616/3417 mm
196/103/137 inch
TRIPLE DECK7267/2616/3417 mm
286/103/137 inch


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