MR-15 Braiders

Maximum Reliability and Versatility with Mayer’s Unique Roller Cam Transfer Maypole Braider

The MR–15 is a Maypole Braider which produces a three over, three under braid pattern, proven over the years for its high productivity, high quality, low maintenance and versatility in hose size and design.

The shuttles and carriers of the MR–15 accept a variety of bobbins and bobbin configurations:

Single Let Off Wire
9.1 kg / 20 lbs. / 1600 cm³

Single Let-Off Yarn bobbins
2.15 kg / 4.75 lbs. / 3800 cm³

Super Pack Yarn
4.5 kg / 10 lbs. / 4900 cm³

 A Positively Controlled Shuttle Transfer

Since the MR–15 has no deck plates, the open junctions of conventional braiders are eliminated for improved shuttle transfer.

The shuttle smoothly transfers from one rotor to the next by a cam track system that reduces shuttle movement.

Cam tracks, which are fixed to the shuttle are held in the rotor assembly by cam followers and allow a smooth transfer from one rotor assembly to another.

Elimination of Angular Acceleration

At any position during the inner or outer cycle, the MR–15 takes the outer or inner braid point from the carrier with a minimum of interference.

This is achieved by planetary gears that compensate for the angular acceleration, aligning the payoff roller to the braid point. This maintains a consistent tension pattern, resulting in better quality of both wire and yarn braiding.

Minimum Tension Cycle

The slack between the outer and inner cycle is stored on the compensator plates, thus minimizing the tension variation to less than 20% during the braiding cycle.


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