Custom & Contract Part Manufacturing

We not only design and build specialty machines for the world market, we also offer a  host of engineering and manufacturing services to a wide range of industries. These  include the aerospace, energy, automotive and oil and gas industries.

Utilizing our equipment and know-how from our precision in-house machine component manufacturing, Mayer also provides custom machining services to the outside market.


From large-scale machining to grinding to quality measurement services, we can help  you expand your current in-house machining capabilities to give you more options for your customers.

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Quality Control

MAYER INDUSTRIES INC. is absolutely committed to meeting and exceeding our customers’ expectations in terms of the quality of the products and the services which we provide. All of our quality equipment and measurement devices meet or exceed the requirements of the ISO-9001-2008 standard. Our state-of-the-art large part metrology department is a crucial part of providing quality braiding equipment and machining services

Large Part Milling and Turning Services

Our Pietro Carnaghi AS model single-column dual-table vertical turning centers was designed and developed in order to hold the demanding tolerances needed for the machining of the decks and bases of our large, gear-driven braiding machines. The structure of this 26-ton capacity machine is ideally suited for large diameter turning and machining operations with two live tables that can be run virtually non-stop for maximum efficiency.

CNC and Precision Turning Services

Mayer Industries’ CNC turning department is designed to efficiently produce repeat production runs of consistent, high-quality precision turned components. From the smallest of bar-fed parts to large diameter shafts or tubes, MI guarantees consistent parts from the first to the last. ISO 9001 guided control ensures that our processes from order entry to shipment will be of the highest standard.

CNC Grinding Services

Precision CNC and manual grinding services at Mayer Industries can create the tightest tolerances, perfectly abraded surfaces, and unmatched finishes on parts
and components of nearly any type. Whether it’s precision CNC OD and ID grinding, Cylindrical, Centerless or Surface Grinding, MI’s high-precision machining services ensure that even the most difficult to machine components and parts are manufactured to the highest-possible dimensional accuracy and surface finish

CNC Machining Services

Our Leblond Makino, Mori Seiki, and Haas CNC 4 and 5-axis machining centers produce parts with up to a 60” diameter and 48” in length. These parts are machined to close tolerances, tight concentricity, complex features and fine finishes. Many of our machining centers are configured in cells, allowing simultaneous turning and milling operations and subsequent single-piece flow operations that reduce the wait time between processes.

Tool Grinding and Presetting

A key component of ensuring precision parts while maintaining a cost competitive edge in the market is our on-site tool and cutter grind department and strategic inventory. Using the most advanced CNC equipment we have the capability to sharpen and preset all sizes and types of high speed steel and carbide cutting tools. Specializing in end mills, reamers, taps, drills, broaches, countersinks, and spot facers, this in-house service keeps our costs low and our throughput time to an absolute minimum.


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Design, engineering and project management for specialty machines
Contract machining, grinding, electrical and assembly services utilizing our extensive manufacturing capabilities.
Remanufacture and rebuild of customer’s equipment to original specifications or upgrades to the latest cutting-edge technology.
Service and support of critical parts and assemblies used in all Mayer specialty machines.
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